ADR Transport – we will safely deliver goods to every place in the world.

The transport of dangerous goods imposes requirements on a transport company  which must be observed in order to stay on the market. The staff involved in the carriage must be specially selected, trained and equipped appropriately. Vehicles must also be adequately equipped. ADR transport regulations change every 2 years and you need to monitor these changes. The transport documentation is very detailed and requires expert knowledge. Since the very beginning of our existence, we have been successful in providing such carriages Рwe have over twenty years of experience in this area. To meet these requirements, we employ professionals Рsome of our staff have a chemical education, all drivers have ADR certificates, we employ a  DGSA certified advisor. We have set the criteria for the selection of vehicles and their technical condition. We are constantly working on employee awareness regarding this type of work.

Safety is our priority and we remain at your disposal.