What is an Intrastat declaration?

If you think that business adventures with the Customs Office ended after our accession to the European Union, then  you are wrong. Companies that have imported  or exported goods to the EU for more than 1 million zlotys in the course of one  year must report to the Customs Office. The Customs Office wants to know almost everything, but do not worry, you do not have to testify yourself. We will count the amount of goods you traded diligently with Europeans, we will divide the goods into the appropriate categories, we will fill in your declarations and we will send them to the Customs Office in due time. All we need is your authorization.

The Intrastat declaration is a document that must be completed and submited to the Customs Office by all companies that imported  or exported goods to the EU during the year with the value exceeding PLN 1 million. Filling in this declaration is a complex and demanding process  and Dortrans has a lot of experience in this area. When completing the Intrastat declaration, it is necessary to count very accurately the value of the goods traded and to divide them into the appropriate categories as required by the Customs Office. All these operations can be done if you decide to cooperate with us and give us the authorization so that we can legally represent your interests before relevant  offices and institutions. Our experience, knowledge and reliability can be trusted, because otherwise we would not be able to solicit so many customers and survive on the market for many years. However, we do not rest on our laurels and your trust motivates us to constantly improve our work and skills. Join us